Thursday, 8 August 2013

Commission based Network

Clickatell Bulk SMS for BusinessDescription:
Earn above average commission with the world’s largest SMS Gateway.
Clickatell is the world’s largest SMS Gateway covering over 960 networks across more than 220 countries and territories. Today more than 13000 enterprises, small and medium businesses and organisations use our messaging solutions to connect employees, suppliers and customers anywhere, with any message, across almost any device.
Earn above average commissions with our Affiliate Program.
We have 2 options available to suit you:
• 20% commission on all first purchase payments received
• Or our newly released option of 15% for 3 months’ worth of sales. We also provide all the tools and backing you need to achieve your goals:
• A dedicated Affiliate Manager means you have professional assistance at your disposal.
• Updated creative that WORKS.
• Useful newsletters containing selling tips, program news and top revenue-generating creative. Selling Clickatell products are easy as we have a number of solutions that allow businesses to send SMS messages in bulk. In fact, one affiliate referred a sale for over $10,000!
Sales Region: Global
Search Policy: The provided keyword links and text links have been expertly sourced and are huge traffic drivers. Please note, however, that publishers are unable to bid on the Clickatell trademark. In-depth keyword information is available on request.         Click Here For More Details

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